Why choose tucson gastroenterology?

At Tucson Gastroenterology you can be certain that you will receive premier medical care for all types of digestive system diseases and conditions. Gastroenterologists receive specialized training in colonoscopy and endoscopy. This is a diagnostic procedure which uses a flexible tube with a built-in video camera to examine the inside of the digestive tract. Although other medical specialists may perform endoscopic procedures studies have shown that gastroenterologists perform higher quality colonoscopy screenings. The amount of experience that your physician has in treating certain conditions is usually a good indicator of results. According to the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, a physician should perform at least 200 colonoscopies annually in order to maintain competency. At Tucson Gastroenterology, our physicians perform more than 1500 colonoscopies annually.* Tucson Gastroenterology Physicians are proficient in colonoscopy and endoscopy. We actively monitor the quality of our care and exceed national benchmarks.

Colonoscopy Outcomes

The efficacy of colonoscopy to reduce the incidence of colon cancer is directly related to the quality of the examination. When colonoscopy is not completed to the end of the colon or when colon preparation is poor additional procedures are required resulting in increased patient expense, discomfort and time. At Tucson Gastroenterology, our gastroenterologists complete colonoscopies to the end of the colon 99% of the time and our physicians rate the quality of our patients bowel preparations as “good or excellent” 97% of the time.*

Studies have indicated that the amount of time spent examining the colon upon endoscope withdrawal directly influences the pre-cancerous polyp detection rate. The national benchmark of a six minute withdrawal time has been set based on these studies. Tucson Gastroenterology Physicians consistently average an endoscope withdrawal time of greater than 6 minutes and consistently exceed the national benchmarks set for pre-cancerous polyp detection. We exceed the national average in the detection of precancerous polyps and in the detection of cancer.*

Patient Satisfaction

At Tucson Gastroenterology we strive to provide the finest in modern medical care in a courteous, safe and friendly atmosphere. Our patient’s perception of our service is of utmost importance to us and to this end we regularly solicit their input. Our patients rate their overall satisfaction as good/excellent 99% of the time.*


* Based on 2019 results